we took Anaya to Toronto Science center and she was so happy playing around.

Although we went in evening around 6 pm and the center close at 8pm but still she enjoyed almost 1.5 hrs happily,playing with bubbles,dancing,running around πŸ™‚

Nice Saturday evening for all of us- happy n fun.

Her ballet classes started this sunday , jan 15th and yesterday she was quite good after her first class.Went to the class also happily without crying at all.

and then in the evening we played balloon-mummy and Anaya.

She is able to recognize most of the alphabets and number which is really nice and all the credit Β goes to papa for all the effort.

Now I have to teach her writing ..thats my objective for next few months πŸ™‚

Science center fun with driving car,grocery and bubbles πŸ™‚




Jan 12th …2017

She is so big now.She loves to sleep with one of her soft toys – teddy or bunny .

Want to play “pretend” with teddy and bunny.Understand all the emotions.

If i get angry and yell on her–she will first get grumpy and later when she is back to normal she will ask me “do u love me.are you still angry on me.

We took her for Disney on Ice on Jan 1st and it was nice experience.It was 2 hr long show .She was good for first half n hr and then she cant sit.

But she was not crying and never threw any tantrums so that was really appreciating.

dec 31st ..we celebrated in Second Cup but it was fun..

With her teddy..


Disney on ice..

Dec 31st…nite..

My toodler moved to preschool :-)

September 1st, 2016.

My doll is a big girl now . She is a preschooler. She started her preschool in her daycare today.

Although kids move to preschool when they are 2.5 years old but since Anaya is potty trained ( pee trained to be more precise ), she moved to preschool littler early.

The first experience was littler overwhelming as lot of older kids, no familiar faces, new teachers.But i am sure she will get use to of new place pretty soon.

Lets see how it goes. i remember her saying “Mummy i want to goto daycare but no preschool”.Funny πŸ™‚