Learning to control my anger on my little love….

Everytime i scold my daughter, i feel so bad later.the way she looks at me seems as if she is telling me ” Mom what did i do “.Why are you so furious.She is toddler and she hardly understand what she is supposed to do and what not  and i totally understand that but sometimes its so difficult to control her.The way she looks at me make me feel so guilty .I dont want to scare her nor i can let her do whatever she wants. So  i have to try few tricks to control my emotions..

Obviously, i will try to count to 10 when i feel furious .If that doesnt work i will hug her and tell her that whatever she is doing is not right.Or else, i will start giving her time out by making her sit in her high chair for few seconds.

She also started to swing at me with her hands so i am going her to hold her hand firmly and tell her  “It hurts” and “This is not right”.I have to teach her this.

Along with teaching her , i have to learn to control my furious emotions for her  and not  to spank her ( even at her bottom ) , in any situation.



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