She learnt to say “hiee”…:-)

On saturday,12th September,i was teaching her to speak “hello” but she was not interested in responding back.The i suddenly realised hows about “Hi”..that will be easier for her to grasp ….n voila !! it was…. n after few minutes she just said “Hieeee”..I am not sure, if she actually meant to copy but surely she learnt a new word and all afternoon she was just repeating “Hieee”…I felt good that she added a new word in her growing dictionary.

i understud that speaking “Hi ” is easier than “Hello”  and even teaching “Hi” is easier than “Hello”.Its not that my little A doesnt understand or doesnt like to copy me but i guess the more easier it is…the faster it is to learn.

I am fine until we are adding something new to her brain 🙂


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