Sunday was the perfect day to try some new recipe….Bottle guard Kofta curry :-)

On Sunday, 13th september, I planned to cook something different then the regular lentils and veggies.Weekdays , its hard to try as my little one will have one meal at home so weekend is the perfect bet and i took a chance.

So that was BOTTLE GAURD ( lauki kofta ) stuffed rolls curry. She like bottle guard curry so i thought why not try the same veggies in different form.

So i grated half of the small bottle guard and mixed with little gram floor .Then i made few small balls and fried them .After that i made my usual curry with tomato onoin,garlic,ginger and turmeric and once the curry is ready , soaked the balls  for few minutes and its done..No spices and less calories and qute healthy vegetable.

I usually try anything new with her  during noon meal .So that if she doesnt like i can give her a fruit or something other healthy snack and can cook some regular stuff for dinner. That ways, i make sure that my little one will not sleep empty stomach and will not wake up at middle of night asking for milk 😦

i served her the veggies with Roti .At first bite ,she made faces and spit it out.Thats her usually of trying new things 🙂

Usually if she doesnt like anything, she will either cry or swing hands at me but nothing of such sort happened !!

So i took help of ipad, and viola !! she started eating and actually she ate it for dinner too !! So i was sure she liked it.

Her first experience with Bottle guard fried balls ( kofta curry ) was not bad at all 🙂

and one more dinner dish added to my menu card 😉


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