My first encounter with MUFFINS……

I developed interest in cooking and baking only after my little one started eating whole food.Whatever is cook or bake is tasted by her. If she finish the whole bite and wants more then  I AM A WINNER !!! else i loose but its fine because that gives me an inspiration to try something new.Also I applaud her sense of understanding of good and bad taste.

My daughter has been a good eater till now by God’s grace so i am always scared that one day she will get bored of the usual food .New recipes which are healthy , easy to cook / bake and requires very less ingredients are my best choice.

And any one of then is always on my “TO DO” list for weekend.

This weekend is THANKSGIVING !! My daughter hardly understands what does it mean but it gives me an extra day off from work and an opportunity to try something new.

We have a  birthday party  to attend tomorrow which is a potluck as well so i decided to bake MUFFINS !

These are Avacado and Blueberry Muffins which needs no oil / butter ! Hurray !! MY kind of feast ! And I am on it !

Here goes the pictures 🙂

I found this delicious recipe here :- Avacado-Blueberry muffin


My dear daughter for whom i did all this hard work, didnt find the blueberries very interesting so ate only the portion without it so i will omit blueberries next time.


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