Lot of words coming up now

My daughter is actually talking like one work or two and yesterday a new line came up.

A whole new sentence.”I dont know”. it sounds so hilarious and so precious at same time.

So sweet to hear that from her. there is long list of words and i just want to note them all down for my memories .She try to speak in Hindi as well as in English so i will just jot down all.

Water,paani,bus,car,truck,Moo ( for moon),Sun, Coud ( for Cloud),Sky,train,Papa,Mamma,eye,Nose,Teeth,Brush,Tortoise( one of the hardest word),doll,ball,Nono,bird,bed,bred(for Bread ),Honey,Poo po,Shushu,Oh no

Two words :

Oh no, No mamma,No papa,Did it,No touch,No bite



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