Blissful feeling..

Since yesterday she started taking names of her daycare friends..Her vocab is improving.

It sounds so sweet and an accomplishment listening to ll the sweet from her.

No Emma..No issac…. ( hewr daycare friends )

No Vaani..( one of her  daycare teacher )

I am still teaching her to pronounce other names.the other day she said…

Aanya ( She pronounce her name Anaya like this )stool ..

and for blanket its like ..Aanya Banki..i am still trying her understand what she says ..

Aanya Duddu ( hindi word for mil )

Aanya Bottu ( Anaya Bottle )

Papa potu ( when anyone in washroom )

Nana ( Nahana in hindi for taking bath )

It all sounds so blissful.

Yesterday her teacher asked her to teach her to put on her shoes /boots by we have to try that now.She is good at taking them off .

Also,we need to teach her to put on her snowpants…i think she is too small for tht..but other kids of her age are doing has to learn it…



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