Tired day___Feb24th

Some days i feel so tired that any tiny thing can irritate me to the core and the my daughter has to face it.i know its her age of throwing tantrums , trying to do things as per her wish and i am suppose to handle it carefully but i loose my cool very easily.

i have to try to be more calm and patient while dealing with her.First, i feel guilty for my yelling on her after she goes to bed and secondly  she is trying to copy whatever me and her dad does in front of her.At this age, i guess the kids observe a lot and follow to do the same.In a good way,its a good age to increase their knowledge as much as possible and introduce them to new learning.But as they try to grasp everything, parents need to be careful about their language and attitude in front of them.

This is what i need to work on to make her a better person.Yesterday she repeated rain,swim,Thank you,Sit mama,Take mama …….so funny and cute.

I dont know why she act so dramatic in evenings when i go to pick her up at her daycare.She doesn’t to come with me and its happening from quite few days.I have to find a way to stop this behavior and need to read the experience of other moms.

Her gloves are not good for snow and we need to find some new snow gloves for her.Although winter is about to get over,its still snowing once in a while and my little one is having hard time to play in snow.I want her to enjoy snow and so this is task for the weekend.

Nowadays I am reading a book by Shiv Khera”You can win” and getting some positive energy from this book.I hope it helps in bringing some good change in my attitude.

Although i dont want to dwell about it but i am still waiting for my test results in back of my mind..More to add soon…



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