Feb 25th…

The day didn’t started in a very good note.Anaya woke up quite early in morning around 6.30am when I was still cooking.She didn’t had a proper sleep and so she was very cranky and I even felt she had little fever.i tried to calm her down but when kids are not feeling well they tend to get restless and irritated.

i gave her tylenol,although I hate giving her any medicine until it is very high fever but sometimes to make her feel better and relieve the body ache,I am left with no other option.She was better after an he or so but she didn’t ate anything.

i dropped her to daycare at usual time but she was not letting me go.it usually happens when she is sick.i sat beside her until she had some snack and then I left for work.Although she didn’t look very happy but I assumed she will get better after a while.Somewhere back in my mind,I knew that she is not well and I will soon get a call to pick her back.So I wanted to rush to office n finish my work as much as possible.

And then I got a call from our genetic counsellor regarding my second part of reports.

In here,call from a doctor office is suspicious and likely a bad information.She toldme that my report results are unclear and so she want to meet us tomorrow.what is unclear ?? My baby chromosomes ???? Any missing parts ???

But instead of dwelling more on it I thought of  going to office and concentrating on my work .For sure,I was not going to office tomorrow.

i received a call from her daycare at lunch time.Thankfully she didn’t had fever but they informed me that she is sad and not eating at all.Enough reason for me to my pack my stuff and pick her up.

Not a good day for both if us however,tomorrow also doesn’t seems to be better 😦

i just hope to be calm and patient and let  it pass..I need to take care of Anaya first….


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