Feb 27th….saturday

Just a usual weekend.Anaya was down with fever last night do we decided to keep her home and rest.She was not eating food  properly but drinking lot if water and eating banana.She loves banana and whenever she falls dive,the fruit is my life saviour.

We had pizza lunch at noon.i baked the frozen pizza at home but it didn’t turned out very nice.i kept it in oven for few extra minutes and the crust became very hard.although we were able to eat it but Anaya didn’t liked it at all.

When I have not pre planned for dinner and I have to think what to cook next I go nuts and my poor daughter suffers.may be because she can’t reply back or she will not create any impression of me due to my yelling on her  and will still love me the most.i know it’s not right.i waited for so many months to hear ” mama” and now when she keeps on repeating it non stop I get irritated and raise my voice for no reason.

We have to think at their level to make them understand what we want but at times I either ignore it or tend to forget .i realized how loud I was when she peed her pants due to fear or shock  and was crying non stop.why do I make her cry like this ?only in weekend  I get sometime to spend with her and during those two days also I can’t keep my only daughter happy with me.All because she loves me so much and keeps repeating ” mummy”?


i went to dollarama it check for her snow gloves in the evening and ended up in buying   lots of books ,puzzle,colours,a rabbit and a small white board for her.She loves books ,colours and swimming.Swimming was not possible this weekend as she was sick but at least I can make her happy by getting her new books and colours.

May be I can try to make up for her noon trauma.

Winter is ending so gloves were out of stock but it’s going to snow next week so have to look for them somewhere else.

I have to seriously work on my emotional breakdowns specially my anger.i don’t want to set a wrong example for my daughter.


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