Feb 29th..very busy

i was so busy with work.i have so many things pending and everything related to my dear daughter.my list goes like this :

Her Snow gloves

how to make bubbles at home

She throws tantrums when i go to pick her up .She doesn’t want to come to me and keep running back to her teachers.I do not want to be harsh on her so need to find a way out to stop this behavior.

She is becoming a picky eater.I dont want to make her cry everyday for not eating her dinner and then finally eating few spoons after almost half an hr of struggle.In evening,she gets so tired by the time i pick her up from her daycare and i feel so bad to make her cry and struggle for food.She is hardly with me for few hours and half of them goes crying for food.This is becoming daily routine now and i dont like it.This doesnt means that i will give her cookies other than food for dinner but i want to try some other healthy and new recipes for her.

So, i want to bake pizza base at home to  feed her something different,fresh and healthy.

She is lot cranky nowadays, too much clingy and its going on from past few weeks.So i have to browse and search o ideas from other moms to stop this exercise.keeping in mind that i dont want to make her feel bad or give her a feeling that i dont love her anymore so i am keeping myself away from her.

Also,last but not the least start her potty training soon…i have still lots to write but its time to pick her up.i am already late…will continue tomorrow…



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