March 1st…

Very busy and tiring day at work.

Anaya woke up so many times at night ,crying and crying.i dont understand why she doesnt sleep all through night at a stretch.Due to that none of us gets sound sleep.

She finally slept at 5 am when i gave her honey and warm water.She was coughing,crying loud mama whole night.I dont know if her nose is blocked in the night,although i try to use humidifier everyday. if she is teething or she is very tired because of no sound sleep.

I dont feel like waking up today as i was also very tired.Somehow i am not able to figure out the reason for her fussiness and disruptive sleep.

i need to find it out as soon as possible….for making her sleep better and mornings fresh ..specially for my little one..i love to see her smiling every morning and waking me up with her morning kiss..



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