March 2nd.Good day

Yesterday was quite better day .Although i was quite busy at work but Anaya didnt troubled me much and her day was happy in her daycare so i was feeling relaxed.She ate her dinner properly,played with me, no crying much ,slept by 8:30 pm ,so all over it was not bad at all.

Only surprising thing which happened was, when i went to pick her up from daycare, she was only one left.i must admit i was late then my usual time, but it was 5:30 pm and all other kids had left, she was playing around with her teacher.

When i reached , though she will run to me and kiss me.But, she started crying and didnt want to come to me.Her teacher was pushing her to go but she started crying and it was loud.Her teacher dressed her up and put her snowpants and coat  and i was not allowed to help.the moment i touch her dress she was like, Noooooo…and cry more loud.

i was shocked,sad and embarrassed.My daughter whom i love so much , how can she behave like this with me.But i have to be patient and keep  calm and hope this doesnt get repeated again.

I dont know if she was angry on me that i was late or agitated due to last sleepless night.But this kind of scene happened first time…i hope it doenst happen again.So i ahev to make sure i reach on time to pick her up..

Bye bye see you tomorrow…


By the way her papa got her snow gloves yesterday.So nice of him  to finally found it for her.Not even 1 pair , 2 pairs.Good going..


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