Toilet training it is…16th may 2016

Major achievement  – Anaya did pee in toilet 2 times in her daycare.I am at the top of the world.My efforts are paying off now.

How did it work ?

Ask her same questions every time .Take her to toilet.Let her sit on her toilet seat.She can play with books or shower curtain .Once she is comfortable sitting on toilet, she ll pee by chance once in a while .Keep repeating after every few minutes.Within a month I can see a change.

Do you want to go to Shushu ?

Do you want to go to bathroom ?

I first tried this trick at home.Once it worked, i told her daycare teachers to do the same.


No special requirements  – Very basic.Just the way we learned when we were at that age.

These two questions are my key to train her  and that also with usual diapers.Unlike my other friends,I  didnt tried pull ups .May be for potty training i will need them but for now I dont need pull ups.

She is so exited to pee in the toilet that everytime she does it she will say “I did it” with a victorious smile on her face.Her daycare daily report snapshot..My report card 🙂



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