Center Island with Papa and Mummy

We went to island  during weekend on 27th August and my doll enjoyed the fullest with her papa.

Enjoying a ride in Chu Chu train with papa  🙂

Both look so happy in each other company while mummy is grabbing the moments in pics.:-)Islaind1Island_2


Yesterday…August 29th

Anaya in roundhouse park ….her favorite park..close to my office and her daycare.

Today she climbed on the slide first time all by herself through the back laddar..without any help.thts so exciting…she is growing and learnign everyday..:-)

Sittng on her favorite red Chu Chu train…my doll 🙂


The day when Anaya was born..

Anaya was born at 1:16 am on 2nd April at St.Mike Hospital downtown,Toronto.
This pic shows me holding Anaya first time when she was just born.

April 2,2014 1:16 am

I was due on March 20th and Anaya was born on 2nd April.


She was 9 pounds 16 ounce by weight .


A St Mike nurse while cleaning her after she was born.IMG_0129

Same nurse holding her after that.


Me and Anaya looking at each other for the very first time.


Me holding Anaya as close to me as possible 🙂 The feeling of happiness is all over my face.





Toilet training it is…16th may 2016

Major achievement  – Anaya did pee in toilet 2 times in her daycare.I am at the top of the world.My efforts are paying off now.

How did it work ?

Ask her same questions every time .Take her to toilet.Let her sit on her toilet seat.She can play with books or shower curtain .Once she is comfortable sitting on toilet, she ll pee by chance once in a while .Keep repeating after every few minutes.Within a month I can see a change.

Do you want to go to Shushu ?

Do you want to go to bathroom ?

I first tried this trick at home.Once it worked, i told her daycare teachers to do the same.


No special requirements  – Very basic.Just the way we learned when we were at that age.

These two questions are my key to train her  and that also with usual diapers.Unlike my other friends,I  didnt tried pull ups .May be for potty training i will need them but for now I dont need pull ups.

She is so exited to pee in the toilet that everytime she does it she will say “I did it” with a victorious smile on her face.Her daycare daily report snapshot..My report card 🙂


March 2nd.Good day

Yesterday was quite better day .Although i was quite busy at work but Anaya didnt troubled me much and her day was happy in her daycare so i was feeling relaxed.She ate her dinner properly,played with me, no crying much ,slept by 8:30 pm ,so all over it was not bad at all.

Only surprising thing which happened was, when i went to pick her up from daycare, she was only one left.i must admit i was late then my usual time, but it was 5:30 pm and all other kids had left, she was playing around with her teacher.

When i reached , though she will run to me and kiss me.But, she started crying and didnt want to come to me.Her teacher was pushing her to go but she started crying and it was loud.Her teacher dressed her up and put her snowpants and coat  and i was not allowed to help.the moment i touch her dress she was like, Noooooo…and cry more loud.

i was shocked,sad and embarrassed.My daughter whom i love so much , how can she behave like this with me.But i have to be patient and keep  calm and hope this doesnt get repeated again.

I dont know if she was angry on me that i was late or agitated due to last sleepless night.But this kind of scene happened first time…i hope it doenst happen again.So i ahev to make sure i reach on time to pick her up..

Bye bye see you tomorrow…


By the way her papa got her snow gloves yesterday.So nice of him  to finally found it for her.Not even 1 pair , 2 pairs.Good going..

March 1st…

Very busy and tiring day at work.

Anaya woke up so many times at night ,crying and crying.i dont understand why she doesnt sleep all through night at a stretch.Due to that none of us gets sound sleep.

She finally slept at 5 am when i gave her honey and warm water.She was coughing,crying loud mama whole night.I dont know if her nose is blocked in the night,although i try to use humidifier everyday. if she is teething or she is very tired because of no sound sleep.

I dont feel like waking up today as i was also very tired.Somehow i am not able to figure out the reason for her fussiness and disruptive sleep.

i need to find it out as soon as possible….for making her sleep better and mornings fresh ..specially for my little one..i love to see her smiling every morning and waking me up with her morning kiss..


Feb 29th..very busy

i was so busy with work.i have so many things pending and everything related to my dear list goes like this :

Her Snow gloves

how to make bubbles at home

She throws tantrums when i go to pick her up .She doesn’t want to come to me and keep running back to her teachers.I do not want to be harsh on her so need to find a way out to stop this behavior.

She is becoming a picky eater.I dont want to make her cry everyday for not eating her dinner and then finally eating few spoons after almost half an hr of struggle.In evening,she gets so tired by the time i pick her up from her daycare and i feel so bad to make her cry and struggle for food.She is hardly with me for few hours and half of them goes crying for food.This is becoming daily routine now and i dont like it.This doesnt means that i will give her cookies other than food for dinner but i want to try some other healthy and new recipes for her.

So, i want to bake pizza base at home to  feed her something different,fresh and healthy.

She is lot cranky nowadays, too much clingy and its going on from past few weeks.So i have to browse and search o ideas from other moms to stop this exercise.keeping in mind that i dont want to make her feel bad or give her a feeling that i dont love her anymore so i am keeping myself away from her.

Also,last but not the least start her potty training soon…i have still lots to write but its time to pick her up.i am already late…will continue tomorrow…