Sunday was the perfect day to try some new recipe….Bottle guard Kofta curry :-)

On Sunday, 13th september, I planned to cook something different then the regular lentils and veggies.Weekdays , its hard to try as my little one will have one meal at home so weekend is the perfect bet and i took a chance.

So that was BOTTLE GAURD ( lauki kofta ) stuffed rolls curry. She like bottle guard curry so i thought why not try the same veggies in different form.

So i grated half of the small bottle guard and mixed with little gram floor .Then i made few small balls and fried them .After that i made my usual curry with tomato onoin,garlic,ginger and turmeric and once the curry is ready , soaked the balls  for few minutes and its done..No spices and less calories and qute healthy vegetable.

I usually try anything new with her  during noon meal .So that if she doesnt like i can give her a fruit or something other healthy snack and can cook some regular stuff for dinner. That ways, i make sure that my little one will not sleep empty stomach and will not wake up at middle of night asking for milk 😦

i served her the veggies with Roti .At first bite ,she made faces and spit it out.Thats her usually of trying new things 🙂

Usually if she doesnt like anything, she will either cry or swing hands at me but nothing of such sort happened !!

So i took help of ipad, and viola !! she started eating and actually she ate it for dinner too !! So i was sure she liked it.

Her first experience with Bottle guard fried balls ( kofta curry ) was not bad at all 🙂

and one more dinner dish added to my menu card 😉


She learnt to say “hiee”…:-)

On saturday,12th September,i was teaching her to speak “hello” but she was not interested in responding back.The i suddenly realised hows about “Hi”..that will be easier for her to grasp ….n voila !! it was…. n after few minutes she just said “Hieeee”..I am not sure, if she actually meant to copy but surely she learnt a new word and all afternoon she was just repeating “Hieee”…I felt good that she added a new word in her growing dictionary.

i understud that speaking “Hi ” is easier than “Hello”  and even teaching “Hi” is easier than “Hello”.Its not that my little A doesnt understand or doesnt like to copy me but i guess the more easier it is…the faster it is to learn.

I am fine until we are adding something new to her brain 🙂

Learning to control my anger on my little love….

Everytime i scold my daughter, i feel so bad later.the way she looks at me seems as if she is telling me ” Mom what did i do “.Why are you so furious.She is toddler and she hardly understand what she is supposed to do and what not  and i totally understand that but sometimes its so difficult to control her.The way she looks at me make me feel so guilty .I dont want to scare her nor i can let her do whatever she wants. So  i have to try few tricks to control my emotions..

Obviously, i will try to count to 10 when i feel furious .If that doesnt work i will hug her and tell her that whatever she is doing is not right.Or else, i will start giving her time out by making her sit in her high chair for few seconds.

She also started to swing at me with her hands so i am going her to hold her hand firmly and tell her  “It hurts” and “This is not right”.I have to teach her this.

Along with teaching her , i have to learn to control my furious emotions for her  and not  to spank her ( even at her bottom ) , in any situation.


About Baby n Me..

I am a mother of a cute little 17 month old princess  and from the time she is born , every moment rolls around her.Being a first time mom is not easy at all .Life changes all  together.This blog  is my diary with my adorable daughter.My life being a mom and a wife at same time, hardships and struggle of raising a toddler,questions for which i pray to have instant answers,maintaining a balance between work and family and above all ….Me time !!

The main theme behind starting this blog is to share my learnings and experiences with all other sailing on same boat and at the same time….mark down all the key happenings and fun filled moments with my lovely daughter.

Its a long time saying that  babies learn what they want to learn and only when they want to learn .But as parents we just have to keep trying to teach them something new everyday.They are like a sponge so they extract whatever they want to .We just have to continue putting our efforts 🙂