19th month interests of my cutie …

I bought a small pack of crayons for her , to show her the world of colors . Slowly she is gaining interest in it. With this passing month she is more interested in few adorable things which i just wanted to jot down :

Climbing up stairs is the most popular game .Although she learnt coming down by sitting and sliding down step by step just yesterday.

Dancing to the music is also something which she is enjoying nowadays and she looks adorable with those cute steps.

Pressing the PUSH button to open the doors ! Its comic but she loves it 🙂

Solving puzzles specially the one with animals and cars is also a good game to keep her busy for a while.Its so surprising that she finds the game interesting only till the time she is able to solve puzzles without help by her own !!!


Long Weekend..Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Saturday was a good day start for weekend because we had a birthday party to attend 🙂

My baby loves company of older kids and i also get a break from household tasks .We have a group of friends in our apartment and all the kids of almost of same age .Saturday was Adi’s birthday and all the moms decided to cook something for other kids and friends.I packed my muffins for all.Glad that they all liked them.

These kind of meetings are important not all for moms but kids as well.They meet other friends, interact and eat together,learn to play and share toys with them.they try to copy each other and grasp more from their age as compared to what we teach them.

For mommies, its a nice chit-chat session, sharing their joy and sorrow ,getting furious and yelling on our little toodlers and then feeling guilty later ,their phases of growing up and planning for another one ….n..blah…blah !!

Of course we get new recipes to try for our fussy eaters !!

By the time we were back , my princess was so tired that she slept within few minutes.

Sunday was a good day as well.We went to roundhouse park in morning .Round house is very popular it is a home to Toronto Railway museum and a mini steam train ride.My cutie pie saw the train so close first time and she was very excited but we missed the train ride because of technical issues with train.

Evening was booked for grocery shopping.

Monday was a happy day too.We planned to drive up North to view fall colors .By the time we decided to leave , my little A was down for nap.It was past 3 pm when she woke up . By the time she finished her bath and lunch it was  4 pm so we changed the plan and took a walk to park for train ride.

She was very enthusiastic to  ride the train but when it whistled and starting moving,she was scared and started crying “Mama mama”.We were sitting right behind the engine so the sound was too loud for her delicate ears.The steam jet flushing out of the train and spraying her with  was something which she has never had before.

The whole experience was quite overwhelming for her !

To cheer her up , we went to swings and slides on the other end of the park and she was happy again.

Smile on her face is what i long for !

Company of other kids, swings and fresh air makes her day and i realised,we should bring her to park more often !

Learning to control my anger on my little love….

Everytime i scold my daughter, i feel so bad later.the way she looks at me seems as if she is telling me ” Mom what did i do “.Why are you so furious.She is toddler and she hardly understand what she is supposed to do and what not  and i totally understand that but sometimes its so difficult to control her.The way she looks at me make me feel so guilty .I dont want to scare her nor i can let her do whatever she wants. So  i have to try few tricks to control my emotions..

Obviously, i will try to count to 10 when i feel furious .If that doesnt work i will hug her and tell her that whatever she is doing is not right.Or else, i will start giving her time out by making her sit in her high chair for few seconds.

She also started to swing at me with her hands so i am going her to hold her hand firmly and tell her  “It hurts” and “This is not right”.I have to teach her this.

Along with teaching her , i have to learn to control my furious emotions for her  and not  to spank her ( even at her bottom ) , in any situation.